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Welcome to the new web site for writer and journalist Peter Grose. (That's me in the picture below looking at the ruins of the old penitentiary on Sarah Island, Tasmania.) We'll be covering a lot of ground here. I mostly write books about history, but they are all pretty different, and I hope they are all conversational in style and not too daunting in content.

 The books themselves shift from Sydney to Darwin to Le Chambon-sur-Lignon to the wild west coast of Tasmania. We'll be in the thick of the Pacific War, the French Resistance, and the ghastly trade in convict labour in the early days of America. My blog, which you'll find in the ABOUT ME link above, is my chance to sound off on anything that interests me, from Covid-19 to the latest idiocies of Donald Trump. We might even fit in a few flying adventures, and maybe some Aboriginal Art. All things are possible on this web site. Contact me at peter@petegrose.com.

Sydney Morning Herald 15 Feb 2020 

This story of colonial derring-do moves along at the pace of a picaresque novel and proves to be a ripping yarn. The writing is measured, laced with irony and fully researched, mostly based on primary material.


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