Here’s an event for frustrated international travellers. It might also appeal to Australian and New Zealand insomniacs. I will be taLking about my book A Good Place To Hide this coming  Sunday night/Monday morning (depending on where you live) 30-31 August 2020. The talk will be live on Zoom and will be moderated by my American friend Paul Kutner. The picture at the top of this entry shows Paul (far left), then me, then Hanne and Max Liebmann, two survivors rescued by the French village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon. The picture was taken at the Queensborough Community College, New York, where Paul, Hanne, Max and I chatted about the Le Chambon rescue operation, the central event of A Good Place To Hide. The upcoming talk is being organised by the Holocaust Center of Florida, USA, and is scheduled for 2:00 pm US Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday afternoon. That makes it 4:00 am Monday morning if you live in an Eastern state of Australia, 3:30 am if you live in South Australia, 2:00 am if you live in Western Australia and a more civilised 6:00 am on Monday morning if you live in New Zealand. On the other hand, it will be a convenient 7:00 pm in the UK, and a bedtime lullaby if you live anywhere in Europe.

  If you want to hear me or ask questions then admission to the Zoom meeting is free but you will have to register first by clicking on https://www.holocaustedu.org/event/peter-grose/ For the record, I will be talking from my home in France (where the talk is scheduled for 8:00 pm Sunday night French time) and Paul will be talking from his home in Maryland, USA, which is on the same time as Florida, so it will be 2:00 pm his time. Welcome to the new technological wonderland created by Covid-19!


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