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Congratulations if you escaped the latest dastardly plan of the crypto-communist and far-left agitator now occupying the White House in Washington. What am I talking about? Surely you’ve heard. Crooked Joe has now signed Executive Order 14067 and is well on his way to replacing the mighty dollar with an Electronic Dollar which will also come in handy as spyware. The minute you invest in an AR-15, Joe will know. And he’ll send the FBI around.

How come I know about this? Because I stupidly made available my e-mail address to a bunch of spivs and hucksters who daily fill my Inbox with dubious investment advice. I had 46 e-mails when I woke up this morning, 42 of them in this category The other four? Amazon told me my new electric razor was on its way, ParkVia chipped in with timely savings on long-term parking at CDG, there was a very welcome script fro my friend Gary Jackson in Australia for me to record, and there was an equally welcome set of September royalty statements from my Australian publisher. After that? Zilch.

Here’s some examples of saner stuff in today's mailbox:

There’s support for all I’m saying in the photo at the top of this blog entry. I took the picture myself, so I can vouch for its authenticity. It shows a Bank of America building disused and boarded up. The building has not been replaced. by anything, let alone a modern skyscraper. The fact that I took the photo a couple of years ago in downtown Havana is neither here nor there. Nor is the fact that the bank was taken over some 60 years ago as part of the Cuban Revolution. Things don't move at lightning speed in the Workers' Paradise. Once Communist Joe gets going, expect this kind of thing everywhere. A trusted informant (a euphemism for a nutcase in a MAGA red cap whom I once met in a Mississippi diner) told me that Crooked Joe had already sent off to Cuba for the Castro brothers’ famous mail order degree course in Keeping An Eye On Dangerous Others.

The point of all this is to say that Joe Biden has more to contend with than being lied about on Fox News. There must be many categories of pundit other than investment barkers currently gunning for him. Nevertheless he strikes me as doing an okay job, rather like Rishi Sunak in Britain, another leader who arrived to an unenviably horrible in-tray . Insofar as Joe Biden is a Democrat and Rishi Sunak is a Tory, I claim some modest credit for being fair-minded.

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