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Way back when...

Can you remember as far back as 2016 when Donald Trump promised that if elected he would bring such a winning streak to the presidency that voters would tire of winning. It didn't turn out that way, of course. Now I have a similar problem. If my political prredictions continue to come right, bragging about it might cost me readers. Well, in for a penny ...

Regular readers will have noted that in my 16 August blog entry (Confession Time) I pointed out that Judge Tanya Chutkan had set a brilliant trap for the Great Man. Having extracted a public promise from Trump that he would noT threaten or try to intimidate jurors, witnesses, proseutors or the judge herself, Trump responded by declaring, in all caps: "IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I'M COMING AFTER YOU." I wrote: "Judge Chutkan previously spelled out to Trump what his punishment would be if he crossed the line. Not a gag order, not an orange jump suit , not an electronic ankle bracelet, not even house arrest. Instead the judge threatened to pull the trial date forward." She just did exactly that!

Prosecutor Jack Smith had asked somewhat unrealistically for the trial to open on 2 January 2024. Trump's lawyers responded by asking that the trial be delayed until an unspecified date in 2026, at least a year after the 2024 election. They reckoned without Judge Chatkun, who reacted to their fatuous suggestion by setting a trial date of 4 Marxh 2024.

Should Trump transgress again, don't be surprised if she pulls the trial even further forward. Meanwhile I promise, promise, PROMISE not to brag again about being right. Instead I'm relying on you all, gentle readers, to remember you read it here first.

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