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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Australian aboriginals use song in a way that is little discussed but potent all the same. Many aboriginal tribes have a kind of witch doctor called a kurdaitcha—there is no written aboriginal language, so the spelling varies—whose job it is, among other things, to kill people by singing them to death. You can see what a kurdaitcha looks like in the picture above.

Now I don’t accuse Roy Zimmerman of being a kurdaitcha or of wanting Donald Trump dead, but he’s certainly committed to singing Donald Trump out of the White House. I’ve already written about his parody of The Tokens 1961 hit Wimoweh, re-rendered by Roy as Vote him away. You can read and listen to Roy’s version twice in this blog, on dates 16 April (If you’ve nothing better to do …) and 31 July (Vote him away #2). Roy produced a third version, otherwise labelled Vote him away #3, which you can hear on YouTube by clicking here.

Version #4 was released on Tuesday 3 November, the day of the US election, and aimed not just at removing Donald Trump from the White House but also at helping flip the Senate to the Democrats. It's called Vote Them Away and you can watch it below. Otherwise you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here. I immodestly mention that if you watch it very carefully around 22-23 seconds in, you might catch a glimpse of an unexpected familiar face down near the bottom left corner of the picture.

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